4 Steps

Step 1 - Setup Workplace

It is important that you have both Git and Nodejs installed!

Also I highly recommend using Visual Studio Code as your editor. (It comes git control features and powershell terminal)

Step 2 - Clone Repository

Running this command will create a folder where you are currently.

git clone -b master https://github.com/andrejarrell/Starterbot.git

Step 3 - Setup Bot

Enter the bot's folder: cd Starterbot

Install dependencies: npm install

Run setup script: node setup.js

You can create a bot application here‚Äč

Your config.json file should be updated

"prefix": "$",
"ownerid": "123456789012345678",
"token": "NTYxMDM3MDM1Mzc3MjYyNTkz.D385Ig.FfFodONLqmHVZKIGh7SokUq26oM"

You can run node bot.js to start your bot

Step 4 - Start Coding

Create a new js file in the commands folder

module.exports = {
name: 'example',
usage: 'commandname <param1> <param2>',
desc: 'Put your own description here',
run(bot, msg, args, conf, discord, send) {
//code here